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Share a little happiness...

Welcome to Hapi J. Designs, where you will find a love for all things paper, cheerful color palettes, and beautiful typography. 

Our mission is to help you share a little extra happiness and positivity through good old-fashioned snail mail. We’re innovative and work hard to create our unique greeting card designs that can be kept as treasured keepsakes for years to come. 

Whether our paper goods are digitally created or completely handmade, we are certain that they will make you smile. It is our hope that anyone who receives one of Hapi J.'s creations finds as much joy in our unique designs as we do in making them!

Our printed products are made using high quality materials, including premium cardstock, digital graphics, and archival ink. 
Since many of our greeting cards are also completely handmade, no two cards will be exact duplicates. Because of this, each one is a unique and a one-of-a-kind creation made just for you. This is especially true of our hand-typed notecards that are exclusively made using a vintage 80+ year old Smith-Corona typewriter.

In late 2016, our love for all things paper and the art of origami also inspired our Original Origami Dress Lapel Pin. These hard enamel pins were designed after the beautiful Japanese paper that is used for our hand-folded origami dresses.

Hapi J. Designs also embraces the concept of community over competition and would love the opportunity to collaborate with other makers and/or businesses looking to spread a little extra happiness.

Please send any collaboration proposals or wholesale requests by email to

Thanks for stopping by!

Be sure to follow along on social media to see new designs, bits of positivity, and even to just say hello.

Meet the Maker


Hi there!

I am the Owner & Chief Creative behind Hapi J. Designs. My innovative and unique style allows me to create colorful greeting cards and handmade paper goods that are pleasing to the eye and bring happiness to the hearts of their recipients.

When I'm not creating new designs, I can be found working as a contracts/procurement professional, reading, watching my sons play soccer & video games, catching up on movies, and always keeping an eye out for new pretty patterned paper.

Above all, I love to use my creativity to make others smile.

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