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Hello again!

It has been quite awhile since I last posted, and it's hard to believe that 2017 is already more than half over. So far, it has been a busy year with creating new greeting cards, releasing a new card series called the "Just Be" collection and working hard in trying to grow Hapi J. Designs in the process. So I just wanted to share some recent shop news including details about a surprise feature that we were included in recently.

To start off, one of the exciting changes is that we have a new logo! Our new logo was created by an amazing design shop called The Papered Tribe (on Instagram @thepaperedtribe). I had dreamt for a long time of having them design a new logo that truly represented our brand, and they definitely did not disappoint! I highly recommend Shay at The Papered Tribe for any design work that you may need.

Also, if you have been around since the beginning, you may have noticed that our card making has evolved a bit as well. When I first started, all cards were strictly handmade utilizing various elements of stamping, embossing, and pretty paper designs. Each card was made completely by hand. While, I still love these one-of-a-kind creations, I have been spending more time on designing printed card styles. The added digital process allows me to use fun fonts and digital illustrations to create unique cards. This process still enables me to meld my own creative ideas into new styles that are representative of Hapi J. Designs' bespoke cards.

So will the handmade card styles disappear from the shop?

Not necessarily, but they will made on more of a custom order or special occasion basis because I do still love making them and would like to keep that as an option for our customers that prefer those one-of-a-kind creations. The origami dress card styles are here to stay though. Since our overall mission is to be able to share an extra bit of happiness through good old fashioned snail mail, the new digital design process definitely will allow us to accomplish that on a bigger scale. Our current in-house printing process will also help develop a greater reach by having more card style choices and the ability to produce larger quantities. The goal is to have our greeting cards available in the wholesale market in the very near future. We would love to be able to add a stockist list in another update 😉

Also, I added hand-typed notecards to the shop awhile ago. I absolutely love the vintage typography that my 80-year-old Smith-Corona typewriter provides! It was my late grandfather's that was purchased after he graduated from seminary school in the late 1930s. Even though I never had the pleasure of meeting him, I believe that he would be quite pleased to see that it was still in use. I love typing with it to create inspirational notecards and mini cards, called HapiNotes. There is just something soothing about typing the old fashioned way!

So if you have any favorite quotes, I would love to turn them into a fun set of notecards like this one. They're great to give as positive reminders to those around you.

Now it's time to share a happy surprise that happened for the shop this past week!

It was so exciting to see that our new Thanksgiving card was featured in an article on Country Living's website.

It was such a pleasant surprise and very humbling to see our design included in a publication with many talented artists and designers. It's a great reminder that hard work really does pay off. And it's just super cool to see your own work in print 😊

The featured card and a couple of other fun fall designs are available. Fall is my favorite season, so be sure to follow along on our social media accounts for even more preview designs to include Halloween styles coming soon too.

Well, I will try not to let as much time elapse between posting updates again. Especially since I am working on Christmas/holiday designs right now and will definitely want to share those once they're completed! In the meantime, if you have any suggestions for future posts or questions about our design process or anything at all, please reach out.

Until next time, stay happy 😊



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​Please feel free to comment below with any questions on this post or topics that you would love to hear about in the future. Whether it's about your own creative passions, or papercrafting and tutorials, I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

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